The Holy Trinity of Strength?

A few nights ago I was up late, again, cruising fitness and nutrition blogs and wrecking my sleep pattern. I was really looking for energy bar recipes, but instead found Nerd Fitness. It’s intrigued me and, I think, made me realize what I could be accomplishing.

For instance, Nerd Fitness claims I could get a total body workout with 1) squats or deadlifts, 2) dips, and 3) pull-ups or chin-ups. I can’t even perform an inverted row at the moment, which is a stepping stone towards pull-ups, so I’m guessing the actual move is out of the question at the moment for me.

Just like when my elementary school gym class went down to the playground one cold spring morning to do the important-sounding President’s Challenge. I remember looking at that ominous metal bar with the faded red paint, the line of classmates before me trying and failing to lift their chin to their hands. And I knew I would fail, too. No medal for the overweight, painfully nerdy, painfully socially awkward child THIS time.

But now I can work up to them!! And I kind of really want to do it!

For now, though, I have to attempt not looking like an ass at the rack of free weights in the apartment’s fitness center. This is my current challenge.

And it Starts. Soon-ish…

Hello! It’s Lauren, and I’ve made some really big changes in my life recently, so I’m really looking forward to blogging about all my new escapades. I read plenty enough of books and blogs, but my own written output in recent years has been mainly e-mails and shopping lists. I’m hoping that getting back into substantial writing will help me to focus on my other goals in life. More on that later.

But instead of brainstorming posts and starting to actually write about in-season produce and trail running shoes, I spent the morning obsessively reading other people’s blog posts, then wasted the afternoon fighting with technology and getting the fresh-off-the-truck living room carpet unfurled. And attempting to cook an egg in the microwave, thinking it would save time versus pan frying. (Word of advice: don’t cook an egg in the microwave and think it will save you time.)

So, no time to explain everything or whatever. Hopefully I can get a substantial post out there by the weekend, but for now it’s off to work. When I’m coming back, I’m going to take notes on this and attempt some of them:

Wish me luck! I probably need it!