Slowing down – brief thoughts

I have a constantly debilitating urge to do about 86,000 things before launching into 100% purely fun things that don’t have some sort of practical, educational, or social component. So I’ll cook, run, and drink a beer with my husband after a long day without it hanging on my conscience. But there are plenty of times where I tell myself I’m going straight home to a 4-hour gaming marathon…


… but instead, I did dishes until my eyes turned bloodshot from exhaustion. Then, inexplicably, when I have a deadline looming or there’s a smell I’ve never smelled before coming from the garbage disposal and maybe I should move the 18 pounds of dirty dishes and get to the bottom of it, a new Facebook game appears and sucks me in for 3 hours. Then I feel awful because I went and had fun.

Yeah, I should work on that… let’s make that 86,001 things.



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