Day 4: birds and Bob

I started the morning watching a catbird pitifully trying to eat from my suet feeder. To be clear, I don’t mind them eating the suet. I like them. Not quite as cute as wrens, but not awful like the starlings that swoop in and sit on top of the feeder and bully the other birds with their size and loud caws and general starling-ness. I had to rig the feeder so that only upside-down eaters like woodpeckers can reach it, and this morning I was trying to reach a compromise with the catbirds by offering them cornflakes and walnuts.

Watching intently for any signs of interest.

Watching intently for any signs of interest.

Hubs interrupted my birdwatching, and we ended up skyping for two hours until I had to go to work. He looks healthy and happy for the first time in months, which I’m glad to see. Work went fine considering I was away almost two weeks, and I managed to not go overboard at the grocery store on my way home. I used leftover ham in a dinner that was unquestionably inspired by this Italian hoagie-like salad that Smitten Kitchen just posted.

So much ham to use up...

Still so much ham to use up…











I decided to force Lola out into the neighborhood, by making her run down the hill. It turned into a 40-minute half-walk, half-run. By the time we got back I was a little sweaty and kind of amped, and though I wasn’t planning on doing any exercise due to the back soreness, I pounded out an hour of Bob Harper. I am a machine!

Things are definitely feeling okay around here. I mean, it would be great if hubs was here, but I’m feeling like I can manage things for now. I have some missions that have to be accomplished, anyway. Like getting this dog to learn “wanna run?”



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