Day 5: Carmel and the creeps

Worked all day, so nothing crazy exciting could really happen during the day (though there were some awesome doughnuts). Getting ready for upcoming programs, mainly. Dinner was more ham salad, this time with some hot sauce and fried eggs.

Greens, eggs, and ham. Har-de-har.

Greens, eggs, and ham. Har-de-har.

I tried Sleeping Giant with the dog again today, and we ended up crossing the street to wander Quinnipiac’s campus. It’s absolutely gorgeous and was totally designed to complement its location at the foot of Mt. Carmel. I don’t know if the park is too dark or too rocky or gravelly for her, but we could have wandered along the campus walkways all evening if not for the stuffy air. And yes, her panting was exacerbated by me encouraging her to run.


Not summer camp. This is their School of Arts and Sciences.

At home, I made the mistake of putting on a Haunted Histories DVD from the library. It was from the History Channel, so how scary could it be? Well, it creeped me out so much, I hung out in the bedroom playing smartphone games until it ended so I could avoid seeing any photos they might put up on the screen. To recover, I put in an Usher concert DVD (another library goodie). I can’t be scared when Usher’s dancing around, showing off his moves and singing about making Usherlove all night.


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