November is the weirdest month

So things are not going according to plan this month. But that’s okay.

The Wife of the Traveling Scholar

We thought Hubs would be gone by now, like, back in September, them possibly October, but the Russian institution that was going to sponsor his visa decided that given the political circumstances, they were going to pull their support for him. And not tell him. So after some scrambling around and submitting new proposals and such, he’s leaving on November 20th for Moscow. It’s going to be a higher cost of living, but it’ll be so much nicer than the middle-of-nowhere city where he was originally going to be stationed for this. He’ll still have to go down there a few times for frantic bouts of document scanning, but that’s better than living in the middle of nowhere for six months.

I’m planning to go visit him in February or March or sometime like that, but after my trip over there, it’s possible I won’t see him again until August. I’m just not thinking about it right now. That’s not something I can plan for, and it doesn’t make sense to get one’s panties in a knot over something that’s months away.

The Job Search

Something that’s weeks away, though, total pantyknots. There’s an opening at one of my jobs in a different department. The job hasn’t been posted yet for part-timers, let alone interviews scheduled, but I’m kinda freaking out about it. I want this job badly, but I feel like I have a ton of work to do before I can go for it. I’ve already started preparing, but I feel nervous and jittery constantly for the last couple days.


Once upon a time (July) I stumbled across the National Novel Writing Month and said, hey, wouldn’t this be an awesome thing to do while Hubs is away? And so it seemed. Then Hubs ended up here for several more months than planned. If it’s a choice between writing a novel and being stressed out, or not writing a novel and getting healthy / prepping for the job / spending time with Hubs before he disappears for nine months… well, it would be pretty silly if I chose the potential novel over health, husbands, and human resources, wouldn’t it? (Yes, I know that last one was a stretch.)


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