Hi, I’m Lauren.


I like doing super-domestic wife things like making batches of chili and marinara and experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes. I’ll also occasionally throw together scrapbooks and do some DIY decor, and I wear lots of pencil skirts at my job as a librarian.

But I also like lifting heavy things and being a badass, running outdoors, trying to identify all the birds I see, exploring new hiking trails, and coming home tired and dirty.


My dog is on the smaller side but will never wear a sweater – unfortunately, she also won’t wear the backpack I got her. But sometimes I can convince her to go on a hike with me.


My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t mind sweaters and is more easily convinced to go on hikes. (That’s his leg and foot and hand up there, attached to the dog. He does have other limbs and a face, too.)

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